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Safety is our number one priority. We strive to create the most collaborative and forward-thinking safety environment in the industry. This is accomplished through a continuing dialogue between the field staff, our customers, and our safety management department. Only those craftsmen who embody our safety-first principal are hired.

Because of the work we perform, safety is a major concern for our clients, as well as for our workforce and their families. Through our diligent focus on safety, our experience modification ratio has been reduced to 0.76. This ratio is much lower than the industry average. This rating for a self-perform contractor allows us to realize preferential insurance rates which can be passed along to our customers in more competitive pricing.

Safety Program Facts

  • Current 2022 EMR of 0.76

  • OSHA 30 hour training required for all project managers and superintendents

  • OSHA 10 hour training attended by all ACME Constructors employees

  • MSHA Part 46 & Part 48 Safety Training for field personnel and Project Managers

  • In-house Safety Director is a Certified OSHA and MSHA Safety Instructor

  • We have the resources to provide full time onsite safety professionals as required for projects determined by the project needs.


The BEST Workforce in the Industry

We retain the most highly skilled craftspeople in the industry. These tradespeople have many years of experience in executing very complicated projects. Our craftsmanship, work ethic, and dedication to serving our clients' needs, above all allows us to provide very competitive pricing while maintaining our level of quality and service.

Outstanding Project Management

Outstanding project management standards ensure the highest quality work is provided at the most competitive pricing. Our project management team is focused on identifying ways in which the scope of a project can be completed most efficiently and on procuring equipment and materials in the most cost-efficient manner. Our team is continually updating their skill sets and we are continually investing in new tools and reviewing methods to improve our quality control.



We have a long tradition of completing complicated, unusual projects. As such, field employee training is one of our most important commitments. In addition to the outstanding education provided by the local trades, we continue to provide ongoing and refresher training in new techniques and safe work practices that allows us to provide the most highly trained, safe, and efficient workforce in the industry.

Technology and Innovation

We are proud of our position as an innovator in the industrial construction community. Purchasing and training our field employees on the use of new equipment technology is a continual investment. This innovation varies from the utilization of high-tech shaft laser alignment tools to robotic welders. We are always looking for the next way to provide high quality and efficient work for our clients.

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The Power of 3

By leveraging the Power of 3, we bring our clients' visions to life. When aligning with our sister companies Anvil Engineering and TNT Machining & Fabrication, our customers can be provided with a turn-key solution for what would otherwise be a complicated process. Anvil Engineering can assess the situation, calculate the engineering requirements, and produce the drawings. TNT can fabricate, paint, and deliver the materials. ACME can assemble the pieces, construct the solution, and simplify the billing. The Power of 3 eliminates the finger pointing, creates a single point of contact, and leverages the familiarity between the businesses to provide an efficient, streamlined process that results in better solutions and quicker installations while saving the customer money.


Anvil Engineering

Anvil was established by ACME in 2016, following the success of over 10 years of completing design-build projects. Anvil was founded in an effort to fulfill the needs of the ever growing demand for design-build in the industrial construction community. Anvil's mission is to quickly complete structural design for its industrial clients in an efficient manner without sacrificing quality.

TNT Machining & Fabrication

TNT is a full-service source for machining and fabrication. TNT was founded in 2016, following the acquisition of Lagesse Products by ACME. TNT continues to grow its technology and lines of service, while delivering outstanding customer service to all customers, past and present.

TNT Mechanical & Industrial Solutions

TNT MIS is your one-source solution for all power transmission, bearings and gearing, any type of conveyor or component, lightweight and heavyweight belting, repairs, and much more! With over 27 years of experience they are just waiting to solve your challenges. TNT MIS' direct line is ‪314.399.8864.

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Why ACME?: Clients


Why ACME?: Clients


Supporting Our Clients

We are proud to support our clients who are making products in America. We are proud to help keep some of America’s best known brands up and running in these turbulent times. We would like to thank essential workers for allowing us to support them while they continue to produce the brands we have come to rely on.

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