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ACME will deliver client satisfaction through best-in-class safety, integrity, and creativity. ACME will provide outstanding projects and solutions that include responsive service and cost-effective project execution.

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We are an industrial construction company that has been in business since 1947. Our focus has always been on delivering outstanding service, quality, pricing, and safety. Our experience is extensively in the execution of small and large projects involving the use of a field workforce including over 200 highly-trained tradespeople.


We are a 100% employee owned and managed construction company. This ownership structure allows us to recruit and retain the most highly qualified and motivated management team as well as develop a deep community of collaboration. These attributes have allowed us to develop our core focus of putting the client's needs first.


The ACME Constructors headquarters is located in St. Louis, MO. We have a satellite office in Columbia, MO. We complete over 700 projects each year. The projects range in size from service calls that are less than $1,000 to large projects that have a total value in excess of $30 million.


Our approach is highly client-focused which includes unending dedication to safety, retaining the most highly skilled craftspeople in the industry, and providing outstanding project management through our efficient processes and dedication to exceptional client communication.

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Our Core Values are the attitude with which we deliver the best-in-class customer experience. They are even an accurate summation of the optimistic, industrious, and confident manner in which we approach all of our tasks. 

Our Core Values are the common ground on which we have built our employee-owned business. They are the life-blood of our team and the bond that makes us family. 



  • Having a compulsive or urgent quality: a driven sense of obligation

  • Determined to succeed: highly energetic and MOTIVATED

  • Propelled or motivated by something (used in combination): customer-driven


  • Having a good effect: FAVORABLE a positive impact on production

  • Marked by optimism: the positive point of view



  • Constantly, regularly, or habitually engaged in earnest and energetic work: INDUSTRIOUS, DILIGENT

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Founded in 1947, ACME Constructors has always been focused on delivering outstanding service, superior quality, competitive pricing, and best-in-class safety. ACME and our industrial construction has a proven track record of delivering small and large projects on time and on budget, executed by an exclusive, highly-skilled union workforce of over 200 tradespeople.

As a 100% employee-owned and managed company, ACME is able to recruit and retain the most highly qualified and motivated management team. The ownership structure fosters a deep community of collaboration and reinforces our core values which truly reflect our culture everyday: Customer Driven, Positive, Hardworking.  These core values are the foundation which allows ACME Constructors to continually develop and improve its core focus of putting the client's needs first.

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