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We have a diverse and unique client base of customers ranging from small privately held companies to many Fortune 500 companies. Below is a select sampling of our valued clients:

  • Abengoa Bioenergy

  • AB InBev

  • ADM

  • Ameren UE

  • American Commercial Lines

  • Bayer

  • Beyond Meat

  • Bodine Aluminum

  • Bunge North America

  • Buzzi Unicem

  • Cargill

  • CertainTeed

  • Chemtrade

  • Coca Cola 

  • Columbia Power

  • Con Agra

  • Continental Cement

  • Design Group

  • Doe Run

  • Dr. Pepper

  • DYNO Nobel

  • Elementis

  • General Mills

  • Glaxo Smith Kline

  • Green Plains, Inc.

  • Henkel

  • Holcim

  • Hussmann

  • ICL Performance Products

  • International Foods

  • Kerry Ingredients

  • Kingsford

  • Kraft

  • Laclede Gas Company

  • Lambert International Airport

  • Lange Stegman

  • Metal Container

  • Metropolitan STL Sewer District

  • Mississippi Sand

  • Missouri American Water

  • Missouri Smelting Technologies

  • Mizzou

  • Monsanto

  • Nestle Purina

  • Procter & Gamble

  • Pepsi

  • Quaker Oats

  • Sensient Colors

  • Sigma-Aldrich

  • Six Flags Over Mid America

  • Solutia

  • Specialty Granules

  • Spectrum Brands

  • St. Louis County

  • Tate & Lyle

  • Unilever

  • United Airlines

  • United Industries

  • US Silica

  • US Steel

  • Vanderlande Industries

  • Virbac

  • Washington University

  • Whiting Turner

Clients & Testimonials: Text
Clients & Testimonials: Testimonials


I would like to commend ACME Constructors on their response to the BC340 gusset errors. Although it would have been ideal to discover the error under different circumstances, I was incredibly impressed with the response from your team. From the moment the error was discovered all ACME workers appeared to be focused on getting our plant operating as soon as possible. There were no complaints or any indication of leaving the situation unresolved even as the crew worked well into the night.  I would also like to send a special thanks to Larry Armstrong who has given in a solid performance from the start of the project and is now leaving us. Thank you.

Kyle Huff / Specialty Granules

Jerry, great job!  Your guys were amazing and this morning my plant is able to run.  Sometime late Tuesday we will be receiving the parts to replace the final belt that was destroyed. Can we start preparing to have 3 people back once the parts arrive? Once again, please tell the guys thank you!

Brent Batliner / Republic Services

On behalf of BSI, I am writing to thank you for your efforts regarding the Ritz-Carlton Renovations project. The success of this project would not have been made possible without the hard work, determination, and further endeavors outside of working hours by ACME. We faced both challenging deadlines as well as a challenging design, and we could not have reached our goals without your dedication. We look forward to further building upon our relationship in the future.

Tommy Criner / BSI Constructors, Inc.

Some of the things I’ve noticed, and heard from the GCs about the ACME guys: great communication, adhering to the site rules, ahead of build schedule, attention to detail, and ultimately exceeding expectations.

Steve Shuert / Waites Company, Inc.

It has been a great experience developing a project partnership with the ACME team. The workmanship and responsiveness to Missouri American Water's needs for the Rogue Creek community made a huge positive impact on MOAW Company Leadership and the MO Department of Natural Resources.

Renee Lawrence / Missouri American Water

I have worked with several of your people over the years and it doesn’t matter who you send me they are all very knowledgeable and very professional. That makes working with ACME so enjoyable.

Ameren Engineering / Ameren

I was onsite for a while today and your crew is doing great. This project is in the spotlight at all levels of my company. ACME had a scaffolding crew out assembling the platforms for access and millwrights fabricating and welding beams. The work area is even tighter than anticipated with equipment and materials now brought in. ACME has kept the area organized and made excellent progress. I feel that we are on schedule at this time even though there is more welding involved on the beams than I anticipated. The one thing I can say with confidence is ACME Constructors is the best contractor for this project and will have it knocked out faster and safer than anyone else.

Jason Hall / Bunge

I thought that I should drop you a quick note of thanks reflecting ACME’s work for Henkel over the last 6 months. Today when I entered the room where the new SDL line is being installed, I was amazed by the progress that had been made by your crew since I last left the room yesterday afternoon. They reminded me of a group of ants—you get a few of them together and you’ll be amazed at the changes they’ll have made by the time you walk by the next day. Without exception, the guys on the crews that we’ve had here since last summer have been hardworking, resourceful, considerate, and mindful of our safety policies. I ask them to do something and more often than not, when I go by the next time to check on their progress, the task has already been completed. You can’t ask much else of a crew. Please extend my appreciation to them, and accept my appreciation for your solid efforts, too; you and the men you send our way are making everybody associated with the SDP and SDL lines look good.

James Vandervoort / Henkel Dial

I wanted to express my continued happiness with your men. Once again they performed flawlessly during our outage. It is a great comfort to know when I get a job bid from you and your men that every detail will be covered and done professionally and with the utmost safety in mind. The fact that we had so much work with other contractors in one area and not one person was injured and not one incident speaks volumes to their performance.

Steve Davis / Granite City Works - US Steel

Please pass on our thanks to Kyle and his team working on the Top Gun project. They are doing fantastic work. Highly capable and highly flexible. It is a pleasure to have them on site.

Ken Lewis / Anheuser-Busch/InBev

Thank you guys for all your help. Your guys did a phenomenal job across the board; couldn't ask for better guys to be out there giving us a hand. I hope to be working with those guys again!

Greg Nanney / IVES Construction & Interiors

I just got back from inspecting the new beam replacements; ALL welding looked great! Welds were cleaned up and ready for inspection, I had no pickups and I really appreciated the quality of work Acme Ironworkers did here on the project.

Chris Campbell / Metallurgical Engineering (work for Ameren Missouri)

I wanted to provide some feedback for the crew you sent out with Chris as the foreman. I was really impressed with how well they worked together, it almost seemed like they could read each other’s minds. I felt the crew was very efficient and extremely hard-working, they watched out for each other and kept safety in mind at all times. The crew demonstrated the typical “ACME Attitude Personality”… competent with a can-do attitude, extremely customer service oriented & just simply friendly/pleasant to work with. Please pass on my thanks to your crew.

Rich Krausz / Henkel Dial

I just want to say that when the “Union Thing” came up with our job, I thought about taking my bat and ball and going home. You and your team came into the picture and in the long run it was a godsend. We probably would not have met the deadline without your help. If Seth and I have anything to say about it, we will ask for your services in a heartbeat.

Jerry Gile / Faultless Linen

Following the completion of the Rosati-Kain High School project, Murray Company personnel got together and discussed all the contractors associated with the project. We discussed such items as safety, quality, schedule/production, and budget/extra costs. We did this in order to keep track of contractor performance on past projects, so we are able to make knowledgeable, objective recommendations to our clients on future projects. This letter is to inform you that your company was rated as one of our highest-ranking contractors on the project based upon the criteria stated above. We appreciate the efforts your company put forth on this project. We would be happy to recommend you on future projects and we look forward to working with you again.

John O'Hara / Murray Company

Thank you for all of your help on FM3 M-roll assembly replacement over the weekend. Scott and crew did a great job and we appreciate them working alongside us over a holiday weekend when most folks would rather be doing something else.

Craig Conklin / Buzzi Unicem

Jodi and Lee, I just want to commend Mack and his crew for their performance on Saturday installing the beam to the columns. This was not an insignificant task. Mack and his crew had a plan, did not rush, and communicated clearly each step of the way. Thank you.

Sheri L Kloth / Burns & McDonnell

I do pest control for Presto-X Pest Control. One of my clients is Virbac in Bridgeton, MO. Recently fourteen of your employees had the daunting task of caulking many rooms on the third floor. They used white on the top and gray on the bottom, to help blend in. What an amazing job they did! I can’t remember ever seeing any caulk job done to this level. You should be proud of not only the hard work they did, but also the quality of craftsmanship they put into their work.

Tony Nugen / Virbac Plant

Just wanted to share a few thoughts with you about our Marshall plant ACME just finished. First of all, I cannot wait to work another project with ACME especially if it’s with this same crew. Bryan is one of the absolute best project managers I have ever worked with. Any time I had any questions no matter what the issue was he was there to help and get any issues resolved quickly. It was the lowest stress projects I have ever been a part of and it’s because of this ACME team. Mike Gerlemen, I would have him be my right-hand man any time. His approach, safety focus, work ethic and desire to make everything perfect is unmatched by anyone I have ever worked with. Mike and I were in constant communication throughout the entire project no matter how big or small the project was. Sean Griffin, Luke Wright and Connor Backues, are all very hard workers. We had several unexpected curve balls thrown at us during this project, but this crew just dug in a little harder to overcome each obstacle. I only call this my ACME A team because there is nothing higher in the alphabet!!! I would go anywhere to work with this crew again, they all deserve to be recognized for going well above any and all expectation. I truly enjoyed working this project with this crew.

Wes Goings / Monsanto Construction

Great job, everyone. A very fast paced effort for a project that is very important to the business. You delivered. Fantastic! Your efforts prove, again, how engineering adds tremendous value to Nestle Purina. Thanks for all the effort that went into making this happen in the short time allotted.

Alan Detmer / Nestle Purina Petcare Company

They did an outstanding job! We had a ton of custom fab work (cutting, torches, grinding, welding, etc.) to make everything fit and work well. Idemitsu made several comments on how well this crew worked, so hats off to another successful Idemitsu install.

Tim Stoinski / Materials Management Concepts Inc.

I would like to express ICL’s gratitude for Matt Westholf’s work ethic and thoroughness in his duties while he has been here at ICL. He has gone above and beyond in taking ownership of the jobs he has been asked to do and has been thinking ahead heading off a lot of potential problems. The flood wall would not have gone off as smoothly as it did without him. You should consider him a very valuable employee.

Terry E Erard / ICL

I wanted to say thanks to you and the whole crew that worked here over the past months. As things wrap up, I wanted to let you know what a great job everyone has done for us here. Your men were all easy to work with and very professional. The quality of the craftsmanship is top rate. Kevin was able to work through some difficult issues and have excellent solutions. He also looked down the road to the day we will be repairing the system and made that job as easy as possible. Let everyone know for me that they did a great job and it is appreciated. I'm looking forward to working with you in the future.

Ed Umbaugh / Monsanto Centralia Soybean Production 

I would like to thank you for having Tom Hardy as superintendent representing Acme Constructors at Kraft Foods. From project planning, through completion of construction, Tom did a spectacular job which made my job very easy. He kept the project on schedule and on budget, a particular challenge with any project. He was particularly good at planning the construction process and staying on top of the numerous subcontractors on the job. Tom set high standards and made sure everyone met or exceeded them. He takes full responsibility in his job yet is very collaborative. He also takes great pride in the quality of work performed by the entire construction team. I cannot recommend Tom Hardy highly enough. He is a superstar in his profession.

Benny Hayes / Kraft Foods

A great big thanks to you and the entire crew(s). This project has absolutely gone without a hitch. The entire crew made the service guy from Alliance’s head reel having the old unit out and the new one in place in such a short period of time. This was the perfect example of teamwork by all. Clearly all the preparation, pre-work and attention to detail paid off in spades. It should be noted during the project that there has been an increased effort from the plant associates to monitor safety of all the contractors. I’m ecstatic to report all audits came back with an A+++, and that is fantastic!! While cliché, I’m very serious when I say, “nothing we do is worth getting hurt.” Great job by all.

Terry L Roscoe / Coca-Cola

Another shutdown without any incidents!!! My thanks to Ben and the crew we appreciate it! The Sinter Plant started up without issues all lockouts removed and disconnects turned back on, it may seem like something small but it sure eliminates a lot of hassles to have the details covered.

Chet Kyle / Doe Run

As noted, ACME’s crew and subcontractors’ crews are doing an exceptional job on the Small Lot Project. They are exceeding expectations. I appreciate it. Keep up the good safe and quality job! Please pass this on to your workers and management staff. Thank you!

Fred Conyers / Monsanto

As you are aware at 8am Friday, May 3, I was made aware of a need to design, develop, construct, install and start up a manual Renuzit cover feed system by 7am Tuesday May 6th. To increase the challenge, the system was to run at a rate of 600 CPM which has never been done before and we had no equipment designed to do this. The entire project was one-off, ad-hoc with decisions being made on the floor at the point of fabrication with equipment pulled from the bone yard and storage. 

We requested Corey to assist with this. Corey had a crew that started Friday afternoon and worked through the weekend and Monday to pull this off. The results are remarkable considering the timing, equipment and knowledge of handling covers by hand. 

Corey has done a terrific job for us over the course of the construction at the St. Louis plant. This project required a significant amount of creative and innovative thinking in a very short time frame. The results are impressive. I want to formally thank Corey and his crew for what they did for us with this opportunity. Great job by all.

Steve Guenin / Henkel Consumer Goods Inc.

One of the best crews I've ever worked with!

Jim Hirsch / Advanced Storage Products

I just wanted you guys to know how outstanding of a job your guys did this weekend for the GC plant. The day and night shift Saturday did an incredible job of safely removing and installing all of the West Accumulation Conveyor in (2-10-hour shifts) one day. It left the day shift today with an eight-hour day picking up and tying up loose ends. We called off the night shift this morning. The day shift was also able to put a substantial dent in the installation of splice clips (Rubik punch list item) in the east secondary overhead conveyor. We will finish up the ground level splice clips in upper east secondary tomorrow; we think it can be done safely without interfering with production. I purposely left out names, since I did not know everyone; it was a total team effort. Many thanks.

Joe B Braquet / Middough Inc.

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