Thank you for all of your help on FM3 M-roll assembly replacement over the weekend.  Scott and crew did a great job and we appreciate them working alongside us over a holiday weekend when most folks would rather be doing something else.

Craig Conklin
Buzzi Unicem
July 2018
"Jodi and Lee,
I just want to commend Mack and his crew for their performance on Saturday installing the beam to the columns.  This was not an insignificant task.  Mack and his crew had a plan, did not rush, and communicated clearly each step of the way.  Thank you."
Sheri L Kloth
Burns & McDonnell
April 2018



"I have received notification from MSD of acceptance for the construction of the Spectrum Brands Trailer Parking Lot.  I will consider it completed when I have received the escrow refund check from MSD. 


The new lot has been a success for Spectrum Brands in managing its logistics.  Thanks for you and your teams help on navigating this project through MSD and implementing some challenging construction issues."

Michael Schnettler

Spectrum Brands

August 2017




"I spoke with Kayla last week about the great job your company did repairing our church, but wanted to get something in writing as well, 


Both Ron Guentz, head of our trustees and myself as the Treasurer, are very appreciative of the high quality work your people did. Jody and the crew were outstanding.


As the treasurer, I appreciate the large discount you gave us on the invoice. Hopefully, you have already received our check for payment.


Great job all around and if you ever need recommendations, both Ron and I are available."

Jim Baugus

March 2017



"Just wanted to share a few thoughts with you about our Marshall plant ACME just finished. First of all, I cannot wait to work another project with ACME especially if it’s with this same crew. Bryan is one of the absolute best project managers I have ever worked with. Any time I had any questions no matter what the issue was he was there to help and get any issues resolved quickly. It was the lowest stress projects I have ever been a part of and it’s because of this ACME team. Mike Gerlemen, I would have him be my right hand man any time. His approach, safety focus, work ethic and desire to make everything perfect is unmatched by anyone I have ever worked with. Mike and I were in constant communication throughout the entire project no matter how big or small the project was. Sean Griffin, Luke Wright and Connor Backues, are all very hard workers. We had several unexpected curve balls thrown at us during this project, but this crew just dug in a little harder to overcome each obstacle. I only call this my ACME A team because there is nothing higher in the alphabet!!! I would go anywhere to work with this crew again, they all deserve to be recognized for going well above any and all expectation. I truly enjoyed working this project with this crew."

Wes Goings

September 2016



"They did an outstanding job! We had a ton of custom fab work (cutting, torches, grinding, welding, etc) to make everything fit and work well. Idemitsu made several comments on how well this crew worked, so hats off to another successful Idemitsu install. "

Tim Stoinski
Materials Management Concepts Inc.
January 2016


"I would like to express ICL’s gratitude for Matt Westholf’s work ethic and thoroughness in his duties while he has been here at ICL. He has gone above and beyond in taking ownership of the jobs he has been asked to do, and has been thinking ahead  heading off a lot of potential problems. The flood wall would not have gone off as smoothly as it did without him. You should consider him a very valuable employee."
Terry E. Erard Sr. Designer Eng. Dept.
January 2016


"I would like thank you for having Tom Hardy as superintendent representing Acme Constructors at Kraft Foods. From project planning, through completion  of construction, Tom did a spectacular job which made my job very easy. He kept the project on schedule and on budget, a particular challenge with  any project. He was particularly good at planning the construction process and staying on top of the numerous subcontractors on the job. Tom set high standards and made sure everyone met or exceeded them. He takes full responsibility in his job, yet is very collaborative. He also takes great pride in the quality of work performed by the entire construction team. I cannot recommend Tom Hardy highly enough. He is a superstar in his profession."




Benny Hayes, Construction Manager

Kraft Contract Employee
March 2015



"A great big thanks to you and the entire crew(s).  This project has absolutely gone without a hitch.  The entire crew made the service guy from Alliance’s head reel having the old unit out and the new one in place in such a short period of time.  This was the perfect example of team work by all.  Clearly all the preparation, pre-work  and attention to detail paid off in spades.


It should be noted during the project that there has been an increased effort from the plant associates to monitor safety of all the contractors.  I’m ecstatic to report all audits came back with an A+++, and that is fantastic !!  While cliché, I’m very serious when I say “nothing we do is worth getting hurt”.  Great job by all.



Terry L. Roscoe
Engineering - Central Region
March 2015




"I wanted to say thanks to you and the whole crew that worked here over the past months.  As things wrap up I wanted to let you know what a great job everyone has done for us here.  Your men were all easy to work with and very professional.  The quality of the craftsmanship is top rate.  Kevin was able to work through some difficult issues and have excellent solutions.  He also looked down the road to the day we will be repairing the system and made that job as easy as possible.  Let everyone know for me that they did a great job and it is appreciated."


Looking forward to working with you in the future,

Ed Umbaugh

Monsanto Centralia Soybean Production

October 2015


"Another shutdown without any incidents!!!  My thanks to Ben and the crew we appreciate it!  The Sinter Plant started up without issues all lock-outs removed and disconnects turned back on, it may seem like something small but it sure eliminates a lot of hassles to have the details covered."

Thanks again,

Chet Kyle, Doe Run

July 26, 2013



"As noted, ACME’s crew and subcontractors’ crews are doing an exceptional job on the Small Lot Project. They are exceeding expectations. I appreciate it. Keep up the good safe and quality job! Please pass this on to your workers and management staff.

Thank you!"

Fred Conyers, Monsanto - Global Engineering

July 11, 2013


"As you are aware at 8am Friday, May 3,  I was made aware of a need to design,  develop, construct, install and start up a manual Renuzit cover feed system  by 7am Tuesday May 6t. To increase the challenge, the system was to run at a rate of 600 CPM which has never been done before and we had no equipment designed to do this.  The entire project was one-off, ad-hoc with decisions being made on the floor at the point of fabrication with equipment pulled from the bone yard and storage. 

We requested Corey to assist with this.   Corey had a crew that started Friday afternoon and worked through the weekend and Monday to pull this off.  The results are remarkable considering the timing, equipment and knowledge of handling covers by hand. 

Corey has done a terrific job for us over the course of the construction at the St. Louis plant.  This project required a significant amount of creative and innovative thinking in a very short time frame.  The results are impressive. I want to formally thank Corey and his crew for what they did for us with this opportunity. Great job by all. "

Steve Guenin, Henkel Consumer Goods Inc.

May 8, 2013



"I would like to commend ACME Constructors on their response to the BC340 gusset errors. Although it would have been ideal to discover the error under different circumstances, I was incredibly impressed with the response from your team. From the moment the error was discovered all ACME workers appeared to be focused on getting our plant operating as soon as possible. There was no complaints or any indication of leaving the situation unresolved even as the crew worked well into the night.  I would also like to send a special thanks to Larry Armstrong who has given in a solid performance from the start of the project and is now leaving us. Thank you."

Kyle Huff, Specialty Granules

May 24, 2013



"One of the best crews I've ever worked with!"

 Jim Hirsch, Advanced Storage Products

December 12, 2012


"I just wanted you guys to know how outstanding of a job your guys did this weekend for the GC plant. The day and night shift Saturday did an incredible job of safely removing and installing all of the West Accumulation Conveyor in (2-10 hr. shifts) one day. It left the day shift today w/ an eight hour day picking up and tying up loose ends. We called off the night shift this morning. The day shift was also able to put a substantial dent in the installation of splice clips (Rubik punch list item) in the east secondary overhead conveyor. We will finish up the ground level splice clips in upper east secondary tomorrow; we think it can be done safely w/out interfering w/ production. I purposely left out names, since I did not know everyone; it was a total team effort. Many thanks."

Joe B. Braquet, Middough Inc.@ Kraft Foods - Granite City

August 26, 2012