Team ACME,

​I didn't want to let you get away to your three-day weekend (those of you not working, that is) without making sure to let you know how much we appreciate each and every one of our employees.

​You probably know friends, neighbors, or family who have lost their jobs as a result of COVID-19. We are PROUD to have been able to sustain our office staff in the face of these trying times. Field staff, I hate that this has affected you all as much as it has.

​​This weekend is Memorial Day weekend. This holiday is intended to remember all of our Military Men and Women who have lost their lives. Even in turbulent times like these, we are still blessed to live in the best country on Earth. We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to all who have served but this weekend, especially, let's remember to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice.


​​We are getting good feedback from Employees that they like to "see" what opportunities we have in our pipeline. So, we will continue to share this with you. Here is listing of some (NOT all) of the quotes we’ve completed over the last month—NEW since last update in color!

  • Heckart Community Center Steel—$159K

  • BNSF Arentine Yard Diesel shop—$812K

  • Women & Childrens Hospital Exterior—$169K

  • New Schnucks Building Steel Columbia—$167K

  • Nestle Purina Furnace Expansion—$2.5M

  • Grow Room Mechanical—$165K

  • Columbus Junction Building Expansion—$1.3M 

  • Rotary Dryer Relocation & Design/Build Concrete Foundations

  • Advance Storage Products Rack Installation—$112K

  • Bayer/Monsanto Parent Seed Bulk Receiving & Cull Bin Expansion—$735K

  • Chemtrade PPAC Addition—$234K

  • Coca-Cola Tea Room—$358K

  • ADM Fueling Barge Project—$342K

  • Spire New Regulator Utility Building—$168K

  • Bunge Boothspoint Spout Relining—$407K

  • ADM North Terminal—Barge Flat—$350K

  • Nestle Purina Bloomfield Coaters Expansion—$2.1M

  • Bayer (Monsanto) Boone IA—$1.3M (moved to 2021...good feedback though)

  • Kraft Foods Pouch Maker Project—$102K

  • Elementis—$290K

  • Clayco Project in Little Rock, AR—$1.7M

  • NGA Parking Garages—$416K (good feedback here)

  • Ameren Rush Island Coal Pit Delivering—$342K

  • Doe Run Lead Storage Building—$408K

  • Bunge Drag Install BoothsPoint TN—$142K

  • Ameren Rush Island Receiving Coal Pit—$124K

  • Missouri State Capitol Scaffolding—$137K​

  • Hartman North America—$2MM

  • Coca-Cola Line 4—$196K

  • Unilever multiple projects—$55K

  • MU Roof Replacement—$159K

  • AB/Inbev Collaboration Center—$3.2M

  • U S Silica Dust Collector and Foundation—$216K

  • Ameren Sioux plant structural—$321K

  • ICON Mechanical Steel Install—$173K

  • ISC Install and Seismic Reinforcing—$475K

  • Doe Run Pole Barn—$400K

  • Nestle Bloomfield—$1.2MM

  • Hartman Paper Storage Building—$157K

  • Washington U Medical steel—$575K

  • Bayer/Monsanto projects in Marshall, MO—$275K

  • AB Houston L66 16 oz. addition—$295K (We are in negotiations now)

  • Sensient Colors King Shredder—$230K

  • Quaker Oats/Pepsi Line 4 upgrade—$129K

  • Doe Run Building restoration—$265K

  • Pearl Building Iron work—$595K

  • LaFarge Holcim beams and platforms—$108K

  • Iron work at Crown Center Lift Trucks—$100K​​

Awarded Big Projects​​

Here are a few BIG projects that we have been awarded recently. Some of these jobs starting soon and others are queued up into Q2/Q3 or later—NEW since last update in color!


  • Agraform Process Room Additions—$116K

  • Whiting Turner Beare Freezer—$202K

  • ICL Security Berm and Fence—$526K

  • Con Agra Vista Rite Height Door—$511K

  • Nestle Bloomfield additional work to the conveyor package—$169K

  • General Mills Tortilla Stairs and Platforms—$96K (starts Monday on Memorial Day)

  • Nestle Blow Mold Conveyor, Bloomfield MO—$450K (Starting 1st week of June)

  • RD Lawrence—Pleasant Plains HS Steel—$274K (June 8th)​

  • Bayer Beaman IA bulk storage upgrade—$1.2M (pretty sure this is pushed to 2021)

  • Chemtrade—Digester Project—$1.1M (Verbally awarded…still no start date yet...rebidding with revised drawings)

  • Hartman Egg Carton Line 2—$500,000 (mobilizing)

  • AB/InBev Roof Replacement Warehouse—$1.5M (July)

  • Bayer Monsanto Advanced Instrumentation Waco, NE—$345K (Pushed to the year 2021)

  • Bayer Monsanto Advanced Instrumentation Kearney, NE—$345K (Pushed to 2021)

  • Whiting-Turner ConAgra Jackson, TN—$3M (Mobilized this week)

  • Kraft Granite City—multiple projects totaling over $2M (completed some already—other portions start in Q3)

  • Mizzou Steam Manhole project—$137,000 (underway)

  • Beyond Meat—multiple projects of nearly $135,000 (underway)

  • Unilever—multiple projects of totaling over $100,000 (ongoing)

  • Waites—Axogen Facility in Ohio—$431,000 (Postponed to October)

COVID-19 Updates

We don't want to constantly harp on COVID-19. Yet, the ever-changing nature of rules and regulations make it impossible to ignore. We have had to implement our own expectations, in regard to behavior in our own office. Please know that IF you must come into the office there will be some mandatory expectations—until further notice:

  1. You must get management approval before coming into the building.

  2. If you have been sick or exposed to someone who has been sick or who has themselves been exposed to one who has been sick—please do not ask to come into the office.

  3. Everyone in the building MUST wear a mask in the common areas of our office.

  4. Everyone must abide by the three rules above WITHOUT exception.

The information about this virus has many sources. We understand that there are many different points-of-view on this topic. As an employee owned, commercial enterprise, located in the County of St. Louis within the state of Missouri, we feel obligated to follow the guidelines above. If you are looking to understand our decisions feel free to refer to either of these websites:

Please remember that if you are experiencing depression you can contact your health care provider to speak with a mental health professional. To find a provider, Ironworkers can call 800-810-2583; Carpenters can call 314-729-4600 or 800-413-8008

75th Anniversary Surprise

I know this message is VERY LONG. So, below, there is a FUN TREAT for those of you who have read this whole missive.

In less than 18 months, ACME Constructors will be celebrating its 75th Anniversary!!!!!

To prepare for that year of celebration, many of you may already know, we bought a 1947 Ford truck. Here is the TREAT—you get a say in what our throwback/circa 1947 logo will look like for our anniversary year. If you would like to participate in the selection of our logo, then click on the survey link (or cut-and-paste it into your browser) here:


In our next message we will show you the winning logo and how it will look on our 1947 truck!

Thanks again for all you do,

DJ Simmons, President, ACME Constructors