A note from DJ Simmons


ACME Team Members,

This weekend is Father’s Day. To all of you who are fathers, remember your kids always look up to you. Always work hard to set a strong and impressive example for them as a father. Wishing a very Happy Father’s Day to our employees.


Today is also Juneteenth. I know there’s a lot of controversy about this, which is sad. This is a day to celebrate as it marks the end of slavery and a great step forward for our country. Like I said in the last message, we still have many more steps to go and we look forward to helping with that in any way we can.

​​It’s great to see us advancing into the phased reopening throughout the US. Please remember to continue to respect social distancing whenever possible, wash your hands frequently, and wear a mask wherever it is required. Our mandatory mask policy is still in effect in our office and we ask you to respect if you need to come into the office. Keeping our workers healthy in both the office and the field remains paramount to our success. Please take of yourselves out there!

​We are currently planning our first "virtual" Foremen's meeting. The meeting will be distributed to all employees. As much as we would like to have everyone together, it is just too great a risk to take at this time. Stay tuned on the release of our first virtual Foremen's meeting.

With all the social turmoil going on around us, I know how hard it is stay focused. As a company, we have been weathering the economic impact of this pandemic. Now watching as social unrest turns to violence, we have new challenges to navigate. As far as we can tell, our workplaces have not been compromised or targeted. Please speak to your supervisor immediately if you sense any sort of danger. I would hate to think that any of this could spill into our work lives, but it would be naive not to address it.

Now more than ever, please remember that if you are experiencing anxiety or depression, there is help available to you. If you think you may need to speak to someone, then you may contact your health care provider to speak with a mental health professional. To find a provider, Ironworkers can call 800-810-2583; Carpenters can call 314-729-4600 or 800-413-8008

Thank you all for all you do!

DJ Simmons


Here is listing of some (NOT all) of the quotes we’ve completed over the last two weeks:

  • Chemtrade—PPAC Safety Improvement - $125K

  • Ameren—Keokuk Freight and Passenger Elevator replacements - $1.6M

  • WUSM BJC Fall Protection—$104K

  • Ameren Sioux Unit 1 DFC and Clinker Grinder—$184K

  • ADM LowerBin Bottom replacements—$241K

  • Bunge - Tank 6 Reinforcing—$152K

  • Hain-Celestial Project—$2.9M

  • MOST Roof Replacement of Ingot Line—$102K

  • Ameren New Madrid SFC/DFC Installation—$1.6M

Awarded Big Projects​​

Here are a couple of BIG projects that we have been awarded in the last two weeks:


  • Henkel Tank Farm Containment Area Expansion—$132K  

  • Spire New Regulator Utility Building—$168K

COVID-19 Updates

Click here to be reminded of our most recent COVID-19 announcement.

Supporting Law Enforcement

Here is a photo of a recent donation of some equipment that we made to Code 3 BBQ Supplies.  A portion of every sale they make goes back to help the Law Enforcement and First Responders community. It is likely we all know someone who has dedicated their life to the difficult role of being a First Responder and we have heard how hard things are on them at this time. ACME Constructors is proud to support the Blue with our efforts to assist Code 3 BBQ Supply.

click the link below to learn more about Code 3 BBQ Supply -