Our latest information on COVID-19. The ever-changing nature of rules and regulations make it impossible to ignore. We have had to implement our own expectations, in regard to behavior in our own office. Please know that if you must come into the office there will be some mandatory expectations—until further notice:

  1. You must get management approval before coming into the building.

  2. If you have been sick or exposed to someone who has been sick or who has themselves been exposed to one who has been sick—please do not ask to come into the office.

  3. Everyone in the building MUST wear a mask in the common areas of our office.

  4. Everyone must abide by the three rules above WITHOUT exception.

The information about this virus has many sources. We understand there are many different points-of-view on this topic. As an employee owned, commercial enterprise, located in the County of St. Louis within the state of Missouri, we feel obligated to follow the guidelines above. If you are looking to understand our decisions feel free to refer to either of these websites:

Please remember that if you are experiencing depression you can contact your health care provider to speak with a mental health professional. To find a provider, Ironworkers can call 800-810-2583; Carpenters can call 314-729-4600 or 800-413-8008