ACME, Anvil & TNT Employees;


Many of you know, but some may not, that Scott Holscher, a long time ACME Iron Worker became seriously ill on Tuesday, 7/9. Within a few days he was placed on several life support machines specifically ones to keep his heart pumping, along with a ventilator among others. Fortunately Scott, being a strong minded and obviously loved person, had many people asking and praying for him. Earlier this week he began to turn around and the doctors have removed most of the life support machines. We are not certain of any long term effects but we know he is expected to have a long recovery process.

Thank you all for the requests for updates, thoughts and prayers.


With that being said, we, the ACME companies family have ask how they can help, as we have done in the past.

We will again take donations in the same fashion as the past. You can get a cash donation to the office or send an email or text to Jerry Harmon for a direct payroll deduction of any amount, either in 1 week of over several if you would like (example: $10 a week for 5 weeks or $20 a week for 10 weeks).

Anything for the Holscher family will be appreciated and the ACME companies will make a match to your donation.


Thanks again for all the support,


Jerry Harmon

Vice President

Office: 314-647-1923

Direct: 314-881-6679

Cell: 314-406-2582

Website: www.acmeconstructors.com

Email: jerryh@acmeconstructors.com