A note from DJ Simmons


Hello ACME Team,

Sorry for the delay in communication with you all! It seems as though the summer is almost gone. I still feel very fortunate that we have been able to make it through what I hope is the worst part of 2020. Our outlook for the fall is fairly positive. We always want to pick up more work, but we do have a decent backlog through the rest of the year. We are really trying to focus on local work as I know we’ve been sending a lot of people out of town. A big thank you to you and your families for helping us with those projects. 

One thing I want to emphasize is safety. We have had an increase in near misses and incidents recently, with some of the incidents being very unnecessary. I hope you've had a chance to think about and discuss with your coworkers the importance of doing things the right way. We know this is construction and there are risks in everything we do. Please take the extra time to do things the safe way. Your future self and family will thank you for it. 

Keeping on the safety topic, most of you know Mike Ray is planning on phasing into retirement in 2021. We've decided to move forward with our search for Mike's eventual replacement to ease the transition. If you or someone you know is interested in the Safety Director position, please click here and apply. We're also looking for additional PM/Estimating help as we are expecting an increase in workload this fall. Should you or anyone you know be interested, please email me with a resume.

We're constantly sending out proposals—usually around 35-45 per week of varying sizes. Below are some of the "highlighted" proposals. 

Keep up the good work and please stay SAFE out there.

DJ Simmons


Some of the bigger opportunities that we have been pursuing since our last company message:

  • GMS—Green Fox St. Marys Modular Walls—$274K

  • GMS—Blue Arrow Modular Walls—$ 266K

  • Buzzi—Coal Tank Replacement—$ 714K

  • Quorum Health—GRMC Power House Building Structural Repairs—$ 116K

  • ICL—New Process Building—$118K

  • CRB—ICL Food Process New Building Project—$ 473K

  • Elementis—Grind Hopper Replacement—$275K

  • Spectrum Brands—Earth City 2700 SF Freezer—$400K

  • Unilever—Replace RTU's 2020—$366K

  • 2329—ACME-Ameren Sioux Reclaim Hoppers—$123K

  • ADM—Elevator Rebuild LaBelle, MO R1—$1.8M

  • Arete Contracting—Park Avenue Roof Project—$396K

  • Henson-Robinson—PEMB Addition—$177K

  • ABB—Demo & Remove Ovens Jefferson City—$275K

  • Bayer—Treated Seed Vac System Grinnell, IA—$271K

  • Rock Bridge Elementary—Steel Erection—$132K

  • ADM—Lower 9 and 14 Bin Bottom Replacement—$242K

  • JOHNCO—Gillespie High School Vocational Building—$139K

  • TCI—Capital Sand Conveyor Install River Bend Plant—$123K

  • Natures Bakery—Lines 1 & 2 Cooling Tunnel Conveyor Removal—$182K

  • Kraft—Vat Wash Room Relocation—$1.1M

  • Ameren—Sioux Reclaim Hopper Rebuilds—$633K

  • Waites—Nextgen Precision Health Institute Clean Room—$188K

  • Bunge—Shawneetown Scale Tower Repairs REV 1—$159K

  • 2287—ACME - WUSM MGI-GTAC Renovation R1—$196K

  • Dyno-Nobel—Platform Replacement—$126K

  • WUSM—4444 Forest Park 3rd and 4th Floor Renovations—$365K

  • Meridian—Westport Dock Airlocks—$281K

  • Ameren—Columbia Gas Training Center Steel Erection—$202K

  • Italgrani—MCS Canopy Addition—$239K


Below are some sizable deals that we have won since our last message:

  • REVISED 10/14 Prost—Nextgen Precision Health Institute—$940K

  • Henkel—Tank Farm Containment Area Expansion—$132K

  • Ameren—Rush Island Coal Receiving Pit Structural Steel—$342K

  • Reinhold—Spire New Regulator Utility Building—$168K

  • Ameren—Sioux Unit 1 DFC and Clinker Grinder—$184K

  • Kraft—Soft Water Upgrade Project—$100K

  • Henkel—SDL Yomato Scale & Liquid Line—$121K

  • ICL New Process Building - $118K

  • Wash U School of Medicine - $365K

A Message from Mike Ray