About Us

ACME Constructors Mission Statement

ACME will deliver client satisfaction through best in class safety, integrity, and creativity. ACME will provide outstanding projects and solutions that include responsive service and cost effective project execution.


Company Background

ACME Constructors is an industrial construction company that has been in business since 1947. ACME has always been focused on delivering outstanding service, quality, pricing, and safety. ACME Constructors has extensive experience in the execution of small and large projects involving the use of an extensive field workforce including over 100 highly trained tradesmen and women.


ACME is a 100% employee owned and managed construction company.  This ownership structure allows ACME to recruit and retain the most highly qualified and motivated management team as well as develop a deep community of collaboration.  These attributes have allowed ACME Constructors to develop its core focus of putting the client's needs first.


ACME Constructors has two offices. The headquarters is located in St. Louis, Missouri, and the Mid-Missouri office is located in Columbia Missouri. ACME Constructors completes over 600 projects each year. The projects range in size from service calls that are less than $1,000 to large projects that have a total value in excess of $30 million.


Our success and longevity has been a result of our client focused approach that includes unending dedication to safety, retaining the most highly skilled craftsmen and craftswomen in the industry, and providing outstanding project management through our efficient processes and dedication to outstanding client communication.

D. J. Simmons



Jerry Harmon

Vice President


Kathy Cassidy

Chief Financial Officer


Lee Hahnel



Mike Ray

Director of Safety and Compliance


Lee Krueger

Senior Project Manager


Jason Backues

Director of Columbia, MO Office


Jody Schatz

Senior Project Manager